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iCUE 3.20.80 locks up


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Upgraded to 3.20.80 for my Corsair Keyboard (K55), Mouse, and Headset. The program is now non-responsive despite having:


1) Restarted

2) Rebooted

3) Downloaded the .msi and used the repair option

4) Downloaded the .msi, uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled


And a few other troubleshooting things. The icon is in the system tray, and right clicking on it occasionally brings up a menu, where I can click the option to bring it up on the foreground, which is where it usually hangs. A couple of times it's actually brought the program to the foreground, but then it hangs there.


Short of ditching all this Corsair equipment and switching back to my Logitech gear, can anyone help me here? The old version of the software (probably couple of months - I hadn't checked in a while) worked fine - is that available anywhere?



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