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Void Pro Wireless LED not showing charge


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I have had a Void Wireless Pro for almost half a year now. They were dormant for about 4 months while I was on vacation. Coming back to it, the headset no longer had any power, and the LED band on the mic was a solid red, indicating it was on low power. On iCUE, however, it says it's battery status is charging, and the LED isn't matching up. The constant red blinking on the sides of the headset also threw me off, but I later realized that it was just the default lighting setting.


After a few hours of charging, the audio came back, no problem there. The mic LED remained a solid red, not amber.


Is there a way to sync the LED back with the headset? I noticed this problem yesterday, and it's still red..

Any help is appreciated. Thank you


Headset is running firmware v 0.15, I updated it last night when I discovered the problem. iCUE Software is running v 3.20.80, so everything is new.

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