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LL Fans Sync Problem - ICUE Bug?


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Hey, Just built a new setup with 6 LL120 Fans, and commander pro,

It's not my first build so I familier with the connections to the RGB-HUB and the commander pro,

but this time, when I Define in the Icue:

Commander Pro -> Lighting Setup -> Lighting Channel 1:

LL RGB Series Fans:

if I choose: 1 Fan Connected ===> the first fan is on as expected

2 Fans Connected ===> 3 Fans is now on, the 2nd and the 3rd turned on !

3 Fans Connected ===> 4 Fans is now on

4 Fans Connected ===> 5 Fans is now on

5 Fans Connected ===> 6 Fans is now on

6 Fans Connected ===> still 6 Fans is on.


I doubled check the connection, when I unplug "3" from the rgb hub, the third fans rgb is turned off as expected, when I set the rpm in the icue to 0 for the third fan, it stop spinning as expected... so I guess its just a software bug?


I updated both software and firmware to the latest availible

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Question ... are fans 2 and 3 identical?


By identical you mean the same type? LL120 ?

so yes, actually fans 1-3 are came pre-installed with the PC-Case: Corsair 680x


all I did is to replace the node with commander-pro and then installed 3 more fans on top (4,5,6)

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Another fan hub won't solve the issue. It's one of your fans.

The fans work in series and one fan is supposed to "pop" off its data and send the rest to the next fan. Your fan isn't "popping" off it's data. It's duplicating the data to the next fan. It's the behavior that you'd possibly expect from a splitter.

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OK thanks.

so it is fan number #2 that making the problem?

should I replace it? the case is under warranty since its brand new (680X) as I mentioned.


A temp solution whould be to physicllay replace fan #2 and #6 in their locations, it should work right? since spot #6 don't need to "pop" any data.




B.t.w, just to make clear - I do not have any splitter. actually I did not touch the 3 original fans, I just replaced the Node with Commander Pro as said on comment number #4

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Didn't say that you did have a splitter - just that this comparing the behavior.

And yeah, it's fan #2. Now, certainly, putting this at the end "fixes" the problem (because their is nothing to pass the signal to) but you can certainly request an RMA.

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