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Can't update H100i Platinum SE firmware and LL120 fans STILL causing RGB bother... HE


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Hi all, set up an account so I could post on here as well as Reddit. I am currently dealing with Corsair support but thought I'd share in the hope that someone else may have had this issue.


After over a month of back and forth with Corsair customer support I thought I'd mention on the forums in the hopes that someone else has seen this issue. Plus I have done a lot of testing and checking so maybe there is something further to be gained.


Ultimately, the RGB in my system (yes I know...) has been problematic from the get go and my AIO has a stuttering issue depending on the way it is wired and also refuses to update firmware.


PC Spec is: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/HTgyp8


With the RGB I notice brighter colours (namely White, Purple/Pink and Turquoise) when plugging the RGB cables of any of the 4 LL120 fans in my set up through my H100i Platinum RGB SE AIO (the 2x RGB ports on this) whereas when plugging any LL120 fans in to the RGB hub and a subsequent Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro the colour is washed out/bluer (see photos: https://imgur.com/a/6wzYMvJ - note, I am not moving any of the fans, simply rewiring a fan RGB cables from AIO to RGB hub and vice versa)


Myself and the Corsair rep have tried so many attempted fixes. I'm at my wits end, surely someone else must have encountered this.


To summarise my thoughts/findings so far:


I'm running 2x LL120s that came with AIO on the AIO and 2 separately purchased LL120s as two exhaust fans.


Vengeance RGB Pro RAM seems to match the AIO white.


It doesn't seem to be individual fan related. (i.e. a fan that was originally plugged into RGB Hub can be plugged into AIO and hey presto, it's that brilliant white that I sorely crave).


I have tried having the RGB Hub, CoPro on separate SATA power.


I've tried different combinations of port usage (on the CoPro/Lighting Node Pro).


A replacement RGB hub did not fix the issue. Despite it appearing the most probable factor.


Whether it's linked, I am unable to update the firmware on the AIO when in iCUE. Multiple iCUE reinstalls have not changed this. I'm stuck on firmware 1.00.35 (I believe).


I have another issue with the AIO where any animated RGB effects 'stutter' when I plug the USB cable of the AIO into the Commander Pro rather than the motherboard, but I think this is recognised as a Ryzen 2xxx/3xxx issue that Corsair are trying to fix. I can plug it directly into the motherboard to eliminate the issue, but I have a requirement for 3 USB ports and my motherboard only has 2 available.


Here's me cycling through instant lighting settings for the Corsair rep: [ame]

[/ame] as I allude to, white and pink are the main culprits. A little bit with turquoise too but tbh, I don't think it's that visible in the video compared to real life.


Some photos of the fans.


All I want is my first PC build to be that pristine white I was hoping for!!!



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I have now managed to update my h100i.


For anyone that maybe finds this post, I updated all my drivers manually after highlighting drivers that needed replacing on drivereasy. I then was able to update the h100i firmware through iCUE.


However, the RGB issue remains! Has anyone else encountered this or found a workaround? I was hoping someone might have shared my issue. I had some people express they had encountered an issue too.

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Hi mate,


So I had never noticed that issue until you pointed it out.


If I set all the fans in my case to 'white' via iCUE Instant Lighting, I get this...




The two at the top are ML120 RGB Pro fans connected to my H100i Platinum CPU block headers, and the bottom one is another identical ML120 RGB Pro fan connected to a Commander Pro and RGB Fan hub.


There is a clear difference in colour hue, especially with white and light blue as you also demonstrate in your video. Swapping the fans around between the H100i block and the RGB fan hub definitely changes the hue, depending on what they're controlled by, so I'm also sure it's not a fan LED issue.


So I just wanted to confirm that you're not alone! No fixes as far as I am aware though...

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Thank you for confirming I'm not going mad!


Corsair have said they this is a historic issue and their advice for now was to plug the AIO fans into the RGB hub, which isn't much for a workaround, but hopefully it gets looked at and can be fixed through a software/firmware update! I don't know whether to hold out much hope, but we'll see. Disappointing as the AIO white is beautiful.

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I am also having the exact same issue when plugging the LL120's into my Commander Pro. The RGB colors don't match the rest of the items in my system at all and look washed out. I can't figure it out and Corsair support didn't offer any solutions. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to return the fans and getting something else. This issue is a deal breaker for me. It's pretty unfortunate, because the fans are great besides the color mismatch.
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