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Scimitar Mouse malfunction


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So I have the Yellow and Black Scimitar RGB Pro mouse, 12 buttons on the side. Had it now for a year and now the mouse wheel button suddenly started behaving badly. I currently have it bound in my games to TAB and it's been working great until recently where if I click it, nothing happens but other times it does work and thus goes back and forth to working and not working.


The tab button the kb works all the time just not the mouse wheel button, I've narrowed it down to the mouse itself cause I see the exact same behavior in games when it stops working, I can pull up notepad and press it and should give me a TAB there but nothing. When it is working I'll see the cursor move expected when I press tab.


Sadly I bought this at BestBuy last year and I did not get extra warranty. Is there any chance I can get a replacement ?

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