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DFI LANParty NFII ULTRA B + 2x 512MB Value Select pc3200


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I've just recieved a value select pack of 2x512mb pc3200 ram.


After putting it in my motherboard, nothing happens.


If I take one stick out, the system boots. If I change to the other stick, it doesn't boot (i.e 1 stick works, the other doesn't).


I'm not sure if this has anything to do with clock speeds. I'm currently only on an XP 2000+, that uses/needs pc2100 ram. I bought pc3200 because I plan to upgrade soon. However, would the clock differences explain why 1 stick works and the other doesn't ?


My bios settings are given in this picture: http://work.evoke-gaming.co.uk/bios.jpg


Any help is appreciated. If the ram is faulty, I'd like an RMA ticket please :p:


Kind regards,




Edit: Ram part number = VS512MB400C3

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Why is it set to 130 Mhz though?


I just thought about this. I went away, and set the bios clock speed to 133 (as it should be for a 266mhz fsb cpu). The machine now boots with both new ram modules.


I've run a full memtest86 on both modules, and no errors occured.


So I don't need to do the RMA! And I have 1GB ram! :D: :D: :D:


So RAM GUY, if you need to cancel a particular RMA request... its #R74795


Thanks for the help!!! weeeee! :eek:





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