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Corsair 1000D with 24x 120mm fans


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Hi, I saw in one of the videos for 1000D with below configurations.


2x 480mm radiator (push/pull) front - 16 fans

1x 360mm radiator (push/pull) top - 6 fans

2x 120mm fan - back exhaust


How exactly are all these fans connected? I saw the case comes with a CommanderPro. Sorry I'm new.

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Lots of commander pros, possibly reduced by some number of pwm splitter cables. Likely an internal USB port splitter as well.


I am currently running 9 ll120s and 6 ll140s with no splitters and it takes 3 commander pros - the case-supplies one and two more. I chose to go this way versus splitters out of stubbornness, splitters would have been cheaper. On the upside I have a lot of lighting channels.

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Hi buddy


running 32 fans in mine.. 1 commander pro.... no PWM splitters but did use PWM repeaters...




read these faqs or guides...






Hydro X Faq




My 1000D guide



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