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A8n-sli / Cmx512-3200c2

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My apologies first and foremost if this has been posted or asked on these forums before. However, in my utter sense of being lost on what to do, I figured I'd finally post here.


About a year and a half ago, I made a secondary Rig alongside my Main Gaming machine.


Epox 8RDA3I

AMD XP Barton 2500+

Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (0349054)


Those are the most important and basic components I had in there. Just being an internet machine, I figured it'd do. About 45 minutes into setup, the machine wouldn't boot. I finally reached the bios and tuned down the memory to 155mhz. Amazing, it worked perfect. Whenever I got up the nerve and bumped the speed to 200mhz or 160mhz, itd instantly not boot.. or @ 160mhz it'd run for awhile, go through a game of Quake3 and reboot. On that board I did many bios, driver, and hardware changes and testing. I never really got it to be 100% stable at the memory's stock listed speeds. Flash forward....


I never really got rid of the memory, i figured it was the Epox board. However even on my SK8N with a FX51 and my A8V with a FX53, itd run.. but not at stock speeds. At the moment you attempted to reach Stock goodness, you were greeted by the BSOD. Currently, My secondary rig is a AMD64 3200+, A8N-SLI, and this stick of memory, with a MSI 6600GT PCI-e card. From the get, I was greeted to hell. Currently the memory is running at 145mhz, and I can only SLIGHTLY bump it to 147, without a hitch. However, as soon as I do anything extensively memory intense, I'm greeted once again by the BSOD, Physical Memory dump. To test my theory, I used Memtest, and Ive tested other sticks in this machine. I do believe the Mobo, Drivers, and Hardware are all up to code, except for my stick of memory. However, this being my first time even thinking about possibly RMA'ing anything.. I wanna try a few methods from other people first. So any help... would help me greatly. I've also Tried this Stick on my MSI SLI board, and It's doing the same exact thing. :/


Thanks in Advance





AMD 64 3200+

ASUS A8N-SLI Ultra - Current Bios Revision

MSI NX6600GT -PCI-e - Current Bios Revision



MSI Neo 4 Platinum Ultra - Current Bios Revision

Dual MSI NX6800Ultra PCI-E - Current Bios Revision

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