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Customer Support - Advance RMA Fiasco


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I purchased a Corsair One Elite in May 2018, for the sake of explanation we will call it “Corsair 1”. For the last year I was using 60hz 4k monitors, but I finally upgraded to a 100hz monitor. aaaaand the 1080Ti would not let me run any monitor at +60hz, plus there’s coil whine now.. Emailed Corsair support to create a ticket. Call Corsair Support, wait on hold for 1 hour, call disconnects. Repeated x3. Next day, I call again, someone picks up after 2 hours. Explains that my PC will need to be RMA'd, but that they do not work with the Corsair One team. They say “Resetting the CMOS might work, but I doubt it. I’ll go ahead and send your ticket to the corsair One Team. After you reset the CMOS, respond to the ticket via email and let us know if it works. If not, someone will contact you immediately to set up the RMA”. CMOS reset, no change, respond to ticket, no response. A day goes by, so I call them again, 3 hours into it, someone answers and says “We did not receive the ticket, but it looks like we have everything we need to send you a new one, I can set up your Advance RMA right now”.


*one week later*


I receive a refurbished Corsair One(we will call it “Corsair 2”) that has someone's personal info on it, the Corsair 2 also seems to think that the data drive is a "Corsair Force LE 2TB SSD". Bonus points, the Corsair 2 has an on-board NIC issue, and drops connectivity every 2 minutes. I contact support again.. I'm told that I should not have received a Refurbished Corsair One with someone else's info on it(obviously). I ask if I can just send it back and keep the one that I originally purchased, and they say they will send a prepaid label, so I can return Corsair 2. Once they receive the refurbished one, they'll send another to me. Corsair support sends me the prepaid label.. which has a shipping weight of 8 pounds. Corsair 2 weighs ~20 lbs. I call corsair support again, and I'm told that I will need to talk to "Customer Support". I sat on hold waiting for "Customer Support" for 30 minutes. Just trying to get them to fix and resend the prepaid label. Customer support says, "just try it. If UPS rejects the package, THEN you can contact us about getting the label corrected." After explaining that I would simply like a corrected shipping label, they say that it will take 24-48 hours for the shipping label request to process. I received the first shipping label within 10 minutes last time.


*36 Hours later*


I receive a shipping label, this time shipping weight is 40 lbs, oh well.. I ship Corsair 2 out. 5 days later I receive am email from Corsair Support notifying me that I have received a response(this time on a brand new ticket), saying that they have received the original(Corsair 1), and are asking if I would like to set up Advance RMA on Corsair 2..


I have Corsair 1 at home, they received Corsair 2..


So, here I am, 4 weeks into the process. I spent $3,000 on a PC, fronted $3,000 for Advance RMA. I've spent literally hours on hold, days waiting for responses, and still do not have a fully functioning PC. I have tried phone support, email(support ticket), Tweeting to @CorsairSupport, and DMing @CorsairSupport via Twitter.


I have spoken to +4 different representatives via phone, have had 5+ representatives respond to my ticket. No one ever knows what is going on, and it has complicated this whole thing to the point where I don’t want to respond to the ticket again..

I even had someone named Justice respond to my survey and assure me that the issue would be expedited, then they disappeared..


I work on an IT helpdesk, this all has my mind completely blown.


Posting a thread here seems like the last logical step.


I hope this serves as a warning to people with Corsair One products, this whole thing has been beyond frustrating. I will not recommend Corsair products to anyone in the future.

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