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h100i platinum (fan problem)


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Hi all

First I like to say I really regret I buy it in the first place lol.

After two days of use it one of the fan led get broken, so I replace fan and everything was working fine till… one day I spotted the fan1 show 0rpm in icue but inside tower works fine.

So I try swap connection fan1 to fan2 and fan2 to fan1 and the results was fan1 was spinning on max rpm and still show 0 rpm and it is not possible to control it. When I connected direct to mb hwinfo show correct rpm and I was able to control. When connected back to h100i fan1 to fan1 and fan2 to fan2. Fan1 still 0 rpm but works ok, when swap connection again fan1 max rpm reporting 0rmp and unable to control it like just port2 for fan is working ok but first one no. Any idea??

I got h100i platinum connected to sata port and sense to mb (bios is set to control cpu_fan -> disabled) I try everything and nothing try also different fan connect to fan1 and still nothing 0rpm.

And sometimes hwinfo show fan1 for couple sec and then disappearing, or show fan1 and fan2 @ 35,000 rpm lol


thanks for any idea


UPDATE: Now I also see device is connectingh disconnecting all the time.







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It's possible there is damage to the tachometer wire inside the unit leading to the Fan 1 controller. If so, you will need to contact Corsair Tech Support through the Ticket System link in the header above.


However, before doing that... make sure you are not running HWiNFO or any other monitoring program while running iCUE. The zero or bouncing speeds, dropped fans, and the garbage data above are all possible outcomes when they are dueling for data on the same hardware. It would be a shame to send something back because of a monitoring conflict.

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