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Help, OCing XMS 3200XL

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Iam trying to Oc my 64 rig but stuck at finding the max for my memory, as of right now I only have it stable @ 240MHz (3,4,4,8) and this memory should hit 250-255. Anybody know what I could be doing wrong?Iam maxed out at 2,8v and is there a better timing I could use? I got it at when testing the CPU multiplier at 7 ,RAM divider at DDR400, 1T, LDTx4. but fail memtest @ 245. I havn't upped any voltages besides the memory.What a good timing for 250-255 with this memory?


my specs:


ABIT AV8 3rd eye

AMD64 3500 newcastle

XMS 3200XL (512x2)

BFG GF 6800 GT @435/1150\

Koolance Exos Al CPU/GPU



Thank for any help

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AMD Athlon64 FAQ

HTT Frequency (FSB) x LDT multiplier = HyperTransport Bus

Keep in mind that the HyperTransport bus must be kept within 1000MHZ to maintain system stability. Going over the 1GHZ barrier will cause the system to crash. To keep the HyperTransport bus within 1GHZ, the LDT multiplier must be used wisely. The only time you should use 5x would be running the stock 200HTT. To run 201-250HTT would require the use of a 4x LDT multiplier, and 251HTT+ would need the 3x LDT multiplier. Because the HyperTransport bus varies depending on the HTT frequency set, the system bandwidth will not scale on a linear level. It's true you can always use a lower LDT multiplier when running 200HTT, but why would you? It would just yield lower performance.



Those may help. Do you know the OC limits of your CPU? It may be a CPU wall you're hitting, or it may be a memory wall.

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shouldn't this memory OC better then that??and what would be next timing to go too after 2,2,2,5 fails you think?

If the AMD wisdom holds true, try 2,2,2,12. In many cases it's faster than the 2,2,2,5. Also, at that speed you will definitely need to slow the HTT. If timings, voltage, and the other tweaks fail to get you past your current clock, you have probably maxxed something out. Either the CPU or the RAM.



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