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500D SE RGB vs 680X (for better cooling)


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Hello everyone!


I'm trying to determine which of these cases will offer better thermals for my intended setup with a 9900K(F), a 2080Ti Strix OC, and an H150i Pro/H100i RGB Platinum. The idea is to have a 2000MHz GPU overclock and a 5GHz CPU overclock.


Ideally, I wanted a case that offers top 360mm radiator mount AND 3x120mm front intake fans. But none of the mid-towers allow that, and the 1000D is just unnecessarily big for my needs.


So, the obvious dilemma with the 500D is that a front-mounted 360mm radiator will hinder GPU cooling, whereas a top-mounted 240mm radiator will fare worse in CPU cooling than a 360mm, especially when mounted on top. Which is where the 680X (despite my disdain for its aesthetics) comes in with its 2 extra bottom fans.


So the question is, which of the following will cool the GPU better?

1. 500D: 3 120mm front intake fans, 240mm radiator top exhaust, 1 120mm rear exhaust

2. 680X: 360mm radiator front intake, 2 120mm top intake, 2 120mm bottom intake, 1 120mm rear exhaust


However, if you can think of a better cooling solution with a different case and cooler, please do tell.


Thank you very much! I really appreciate your taking the time to help! :D:

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