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Motherboard I/O shield not lining up with case


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I just started assembling my new computer and immediately ran into an issue. The alignment tabs on the motherboard I/O shield do not match the cutouts for them in the case. Design issue or manufacturing issue on one component or the other?


It's hard to see in the pic, but I can try to get better if needed.

Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Master

Case: Corsair 570X


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I have a similar problem, motherboard connectors do not align to the connector shield, check pictures. I will not be able to connect USB/ connectors etc without damaging the shield. I did screw the M/B down!


1. I have checked that the motherboard PCB is straight - all OK

2. I tried to check that the screw pillars/standoffs are a similar height - all OK

3. If i press very slightly in the connector area, it does align but that is because the M/B frame can flex.

4. The centre standoff near the connector edge can be removed/changed, I could remove it and check


The installation guide does not match the case, the middle mount is a locating/alignment pin for the M/B and not a pillar for a screw as shown in the guide (page 12).


I was looking forward to this build but I'm stuck at the first step:(:


HELP! any ideas or is this a manufacturing problem.



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