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RMA Request - 512MB P2700 200Pin

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Toshiba laptop started sporatically shutting down during startup about 3 weeks after memory was installed. Memory tests, hard drive tests, complete hardware diagnostics were run, and everything turned out fine. We then started troubleshooting software, as the computer started blue screen freeze/instant shutdown at random.

This weekend, we took out the Corsair memory, and put it in an HP laptop. Now the Toshiba is fine, and the HP laptop has the same problems the Toshiba had with the Corsair memory.

So the Corsair memory is the problem. Because the memory was purchased 2/10/2005, the retailer will not return or exchange. RMA approval is requested, so this defective memory can be replaced.. The memory is Corsair VS512SDS333, LOT 0449065-0.

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