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Question about installing mobo in SPEC-04 case


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I had a question about the installation of a motherboard in a Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 case.


This particular case apparently has pre-installed standoffs. One of the standoffs however, the middle-row center standoff seems to be more of a screw or bolt sticking out, rather than a standoff I can screw the motherboard into.


Any idea on what this is and how it would affect the motherboard installation? I don't want to have it short-circuit the motherboard and I can't seem to take this 'screw' out of the case as it seems to be bolted in with the standoffs surrounding it.


I've attached a picture to help show what I mean with this.




The standoff circled in blue is a regular standoff you screw in the motherboard to. The 'screw' bolted in is circled in red and I have no idea if you just put the motherboard on top of it and leave it or how I'm supposed to treat this particular screw sticking out of the case.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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