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RMA Request for TWINX XMS3200 CL2

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I have a pair that recently went bad. My machine randomly reboots or shuts down and I get memory exceptions when running some applications. I ran Memtest86 v.151 and got oodles of errors. I removed one stick of memory and reran Memtest, but still get errors. I am in the process of running memtest on the the other stick single, but since they are supposed to be a matched pair...


The info on the stick that is definitely bad is as follows:

CMX512-3200C2 (XMS3202v3.1 0411040-2)


Actually, I am getting errors on both modules when installed alone. I have had this memory for about a year.... Strange that they would have failed after this long... Any ideas?


Motherboard is A7N8X-E Deluxe (Bios 1013)

Processor is Athlon XP 3200+ (400 mhz fsb)

Power Supply is Antec Neo 480W.

Video Card is XFX GeForce 6800GT 256

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Added other system components.


Also, I upgraded my cpu from a XP 2700 (333) to the XP 3200+ (400). This is when the problems really started. I even sent back the cpu, thinking it was defective. When I got the replacement, the same thing was happening. So, it seems that the problems started when the FSB switched from 166 to 200. I also thought that it might have been a power issue from added the geforce 6800gt and I went out and bought the rediculously expensive Antec Neo Power supply, only to find out power wasn't the problem either. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping back the processor and buying the power supply is the same as it would have cost me to buy new memory. I guess I should have checked it first, but I kind of thought "if it has worked all this time....". I have since read tons of posts about memory working fine below its posted speed limit.


Hope we can get this resolved soon, my fiance is going nuts without her pc.

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Reset your CMOS. BIOS may be confused after the CPU was switched.




That was the first thing I did. I even removed the battery for 10 seconds to make sure that it was completly reset. memtest produces over 300 errors in the first 2 passes on one module, but only 4 on the other.


I should have included that I swapped out her memory for my brand new Twinx PC3200XL and it tested fine.


At this point, I have replaced everything but the motherboard...

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