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XD5 Pump Connection Question


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I have the XD5 Pump and I am setting this up. I have a question regarding the wires coming off of this. It says to "Connect the XD5 RGB's 4-Pin fan connector into Fan Port # 6 on my commander pro".


With that being said, I currently have 6 fans in my system. Obviously I want to control all of my fans using iCue. If this is the case, will I need to set up a 2nd commander pro to do so? or is there a way around this?


All 6 ports are being used currently on my commander pro by my fans. I don't think I can connect to a spot on my motherboard, cause if so then won't I lose the control with iCue for that?




2nd question..



There are 2 wires coming from the top of the pump.




Direct attach "in"

Daisy chain "to next"


I am assuming I just need to connect to one of these for RGB control? But which one?


Any help will be great. TY


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Pretty sure the "daisy chaining" is only meant to do CPU/GPU/Pump and nothing else. Like Caedros said, just get a Y splitter. I got a couple off of Amazon for a few bucks and have the top 2 of my case tied to it since they're on my 240 rad.


EDIT: Sorry. Thought I read you saying you were going to try to daisy a fan or something to it. Been a looooong day for me. lol

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I am looking on Corsair website for the y-splitter. Do you have a link to it by chance?


So, I can connect my CPU RBG cord to it?


I also have the GPU block as well. So I can daisy chain all 3 together and just run 1 of those plugs to the commander pro right?

Here's the y-splitter cable: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/PC-Components/Cooling/Hydro-Series%E2%84%A2-H75-H105-Fan-Y-Header-Cable/p/CW-8960019


Yes, just connect pump-res to Commander PRO RGB channel first, then GPU block to female (daisy chain) connector on pump-res and lastly add a CPU block (the latter is the only one that doesn't have daisy chaining ability and should be connected last).


See YT video here: [ame]

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