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Issue with Ironclaw RGB single clicks registering multiple times


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About four months ago I bought an Ironclaw RGB, and was having no issues with it until approximately a month ago. Single button presses of the left mouse button without releasing would occasionally register a left click, and then another click upon releasing. This happens at least a couple dozen times per hour, often in succession, and is incredibly irritating and often causes unintended program behavior.


At first I thought the mouse to be defective, but I wanted to rule out software and hardware issues. I've updated iCUE, rolled it back to a release from before I bought the mouse, tried it in different USB controllers, tried soft resetting the mouse, ensuring the firmware is up to date, and even tried out a different Ironclaw RGB, but I'm still having the same issue. This is driving me insane and I'm not sure where else to turn for answers. Is anyone else having this issue at all? I think it's related to iCUE somehow, as I haven't been able to reproduce it with iCUE not running, but I can't make the issue happen on demand, so I have no way to be sure.

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