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New Builder In Need of Help!


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I am going to sound inexperienced through this, and that is because I am. I am going to attempt my first PC build soon. I have tried to read through answers to some of my questions but I can't quite understand them. Hopefully, some people can speak newbie language :biggrin:.


I am trying to use 6 LL120 case fans and an H100i Platinum in a Corsair 680X ATX. I just simply need to know what is required to do this, and how I will set it up. I want to know exactly what I am doing with every part I buy, and that I have every part I need when I start building.


What other pieces of kit do I need, and how should I use them? I am aware the trio of LL120s I am buying comes with a lighting node pro, and so does the 680X case. So I will have 2 lighting node pros. Do I need anything else? I am planning to use an ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard; is this acceptable for what I am attempting? I think based on what I have read I might need a commander pro or something? Also RGB fan hubs as well as the node pros?




Any information explaining what each part of the lighting setup does is much appreciated since I am trying to understand it all.


Also, I would like this all to be controlled through iCue. This is because I already have a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad that are controlled here. I think it would be perfect to have almost everything RGB in this hopefully stunning setup be controlled through iCue. Ram, cooling, everything. Monitoring fan speeds for temps and stuff through iCue would be a plus if that is possible (as I understand it). Also any guidelines on what temps to aim for and how to achieve that with overclocking is welcome. I am just suuper new to this, sorry


Anyway, thanks for any help you can give

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