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RMA: 27071, No advanced RMA, I doubt the guy even read the ticket


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My h115i cooler isn't working, I'm pretty sure the pump died, the CPU goes up to 70C while browsing on Chrome. I tried starting TW3 and cinebench but the CPU goes to 100C.


I reached the support to get my product replaced, because, I need this working since I have college stuff to be done on my PC, and I can't have a unreliable machine, with a CPU slowing down (and eventually, most likely freezing) my computer.

Unfortunately I have an i7 7700k, no cooler box, so I can't just use another cooler.


So I requested an advanced RMA through support but the rep totally ignored my request and sent the address to wich I should send the product.


Hopefully someone here will be able to help me. The ticket number is 27071.


(I'm using the support through Corsair Brasil btw, unfortunately they don't offer any form of communication besides the ticket itself, no phone number, and they don't reply to e-mails either)



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