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Will iCue incorporate the new Ryzen Monitoring SDK?


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Will iCue incorporate the new Monitoring SDK for Ryzen? It would be great to finally have support.



Idle Enhancement

Another thing that was a bit different on the Ryzen 3000 Series was the way idle voltages were being reported in various software. The reporting and pinging of the cores for the reporting were causing the core to respond to a workload and instantaneously waking the core to respond to a workload, causing a spike in voltage that was being reported as really high idles. AGESA introduces an “activity filter” that lets the CPU Boost Algorithm ignore intermittent OS and application noise that would cause the idle voltage to jump and prepare itself for a workload. AMD anticipates that you should see lower desktop idle voltages of around 1.2v for the cores that are handling these tasks.


A New Monitoring SDK

On September 30th, 2019 AMD will be releasing a new public SDK for monitoring including the new Average Core Voltage API for 3rd Gen Ryzen Processors. If you’re keen to check this out for yourself in an application already it has been implemented into the latest version of Ryzen Master version and you can download it today.



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