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Did my first liquid cooled hard tube system

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Corsair LL120 RGB fans are the gold standard for me for case fans, at least with RGB. I also love the look of the Dominator RAM and having Corsair lighting synced with the effects always look great. I have six LL120 fans for the two 360mm rads (one is an EKWB PE and the other is a Bitspower Leviathan XF), four LED strips, and the Dominator RAM. I had an h115i RGB Platinum AIO before I built this and it worked REALLY well in every set up I had it in.


Specs are in my PC build but I'll throw em down here:

9700k, 2080 FE, 32 GB Dominator Plat RGB 3200 mhz, ASUS Maximus XI Hero Wifi, Lian Li O11 Razer Edition case, Samsung 970 EVO nvme (500 GB), HP EX950 nvme (1 TB), Samsung 860 EVO SSD (1 TB), Corsair RM750x PSU, EKWB cpu & gpu blocks, fittings and tubing as well as Bitspower Sedna O11 front panel PWM distribution block, a few fittings, and some tubing. About 95% of the fittings are EKWB and just a male to male adapter and two 20mm extenders are Bitspower.


Idle temps the GPU is usually low 30s C (sometimes 27-29C) and CPU usually 5-10 C higher. Under load GPU after half an hour is usually low 50s C and CPU within the same 5-10C window.





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Thank you! I love it too, I just wish I could etch the Bitspower logo off, not a huge fan of dragon stuff for art if that makes sense. I just don't care for the aesthetic lol


yeah i know exactly what you mean.... would be much nicer if it was a Corsair Logo :D::D::D:

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