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K83 keyboard - feature request: please make function keys default to F1-F12


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Hi, I purchased a Corsair K83 keyboard and the build quality is excellent, but the usability is lessened because the function keys, F1 through F12, default to media keys when the keyboard uses Bluetooth connectivity, even when FnLock is active.


Please make the function keys default to F1-F12 in Bluetooth mode, or at the very least make FnLock toggle between media functions and regular F1-F12 functions.


For example using Alt-F4 to close an application when the keyboard uses Bluetooth connectivity requires pressing Alt-Fn-F4, regardless of whether FnLock is active or not.


Other useful updates:

- making the touchpad a true Precision Touchpad by making the two-finger scrolling work like true two-finger scrolling and not like mouse-wheel scrolling (treat scrolling not as a gesture but as actual motion along the touchpad)

- making the joystick have a gradient of sensitivities. Right now it goes from zero to half-speed to full-speed without any intermediate levels.


But most importantly, make the function keys default to F1-F12.

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I've noticed in the online documentation that holding down for two seconds Fn+1, Fn+2, Fn+3, Fn+4, Fn-[minus], or Fn-[plus] changes the behavior of the function keys and other behaviors. For example Fn+1 is "Windows mode" and Fn+[plus] is "Mac mode".


Maybe add Fn+9 as "function mode" where the function keys default to F1-F12.

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WTF were you thinking.  First this is an amazing keyboard.  Almost up to the same caliber as the Logitech Dinovo Edge. BUT NO FN F-Lock? What the F?

That said the Dinovo edge keyboard is a tool you could literally murder someone with.  I would love to see another version of this keyboard that I could do the same.  Here's my requests for design review.

1. More dense styling.
-seriously dump the air inside the injection molded keyboard bottom. 
-Add swing out arms at the top for a change in angle.
Touchpad scroll like the Dinovo edge.  (It will actually be useful with a bit of refinement unlike the micro touchpad of the dinovo edge)

2. Increase the physician resistance of the rubber key plunger.  Seriously when my huge fingers are burning though code by slamming keys I need some more padding to avoid the negative nerve feedback.  I'm not fucking joking.  This is an ergonomics clinically debilitating medical issue.  Get an accelerometer put it on a stick and compare this keyboard to the Dinovo edge.  You've never seen a sensor as accurate as an accelerometer.

3. Increase the lateral stability of the the keys.  The keys seem to slide a little bit left and right when I strike them.  Perhaps widen the scissor?

This is a great keyboard I'm very excited to give a few months run.  FYI.  The Dinovo Edge as about as perfect as a keyboard could get.  Despite it's many flaws.  It was originally $200 in 2007'ish. Used models are selling for $600 on Amazon.  I've seen unopened boxes going for $1000.  For people that live and will die at the keyboard there's money in there.  Make use a better keyboard!

btw loved the shaped keys too!

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