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Upgraded from Dark Core to Ironclaw RGB Wireless


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Saw Amazon had a decent price on the new Ironclaw RGB Wireless ($59.99), and I decided to get one for fun. I am quite glad that I did, as they fixed a bunch of niggles I had with the Dark Core, especially involving Bluetooth.


The shape of the unit reminds me of the contoured mice from Logitech, like the G700, but without so much slant to the right. The rubberized texture areas are more grippy, with improved positive feel, than the Dark Core, and I also like the satin finish on the plastic areas of the buttons and palm rest. The wheel is also thicker, and the RGB lighting comes from the center of the wheel.


There is also no fixed Sniper button. If you want a sniper button, you will need to use iCUE to assign that feature to whichever button you prefer.


They fixed an issue regarding using the mouse and K63 WIreless on Bluetooth. If I turned on the mouse first to connect, then when the keyboard connected, the mouse would lag. Workaround was to turn them both off, and connect with keyboard first. The Ironclaw has no issue. (And I restested, and my Dark Core still has this issue with current updates.)


The Profile buttons aren't reprogrammable in iCUE. Why? I don't change profiles, and would like to use those buttons for other things.


I enjoy using the right wing of the Dark Core, but the Ironclaw is very comfortable in my hand, and my fingers rest on the rubber area easily. Overall, comfort is higher with the Ironclaw.


I also like the fact that battery life doubles when using Bluetooth. This wasn't the case with the Dark Core, which needed recharging overnight daily.


I prefer the new side button layout. Got to get used to using the Option button with my Index finger. A flat button where the thumb rests would have made an ideal 4th button, like the Sniper Button on the Dark Core.


In regards to the 3 side buttons and DPI buttons, I would have liked to see iCUE be able to assign them to be generic mouse buttons. M4-M8 (M1-3 are left, right, and wheel click) This would allow me to use the game in question to assign mapping, instead of through iCUE profiles, as I like to use the mouse and keyboard through Bluetooth. (I could then save this mapping to the hardware profile)


I like the weight of the mouse, as I despise mice that are too light. I also lik ethe fact that the USB port was raised up off the surface compared to the Dark Core, eliminating potential drag from the cable's shroud.

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