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Question on iCue and/or Link4


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I have a home built rig which was intended to evolve over time...and it has. This means the parts are from a variety of manufacturers (see my user details). In other words, I don't have a "Corsair" computer. But I do have a Corsair H115i Pro cooler.


It seems to me the two software programs in the title are more or less questionable as to their value for people who do not have a computer made up of only Corsair products. Link4 sees my mobo, RAM, CPU (sort of), case fans and the cooler. iCue only detects the cooler. Neither is all that intuitive to use.


Currently I'm using the iCue software with the default setting (Quiet) but have no idea if that is even working. There doesn't seem to be any videos or guides that explain the whole idea of iCue (or Link4) and how it applies to people with a multi-manufacturer parts computer.


Can anyone give me some pointers on this situation? Seems odd that a product would be marketed to only benefit other products from the same company. If it is, then I'm not impressed.

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iCUE has a link to videos right on the main page.

You can also look at my videos linked in my signature.


And ... uninstall Link. You don't need it if you have iCUE.


Thank you. I did see those videos but thought other than the first one, thought the others were more for tweaking and such. I have uninstalled the Link program as I discovered it is no longer being updated and cannot recognize my CPU (displays 7700K instead of 9700K). iCue is supposed to replace it from what I have read online.


So I will go through the videos and see what that does for me. I'm mainly interested in computer health monitoring (fans, pump and component temps). Thanks again!


Editted to add:

I just checked the videos in your signature and briefly watched the last one specifically (System Monitoring and Logging). That alone is what I was looking for. I'll check out the others as I get further involved. Thank you so much for your help!

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