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Ml120 rgb - 2400rpm


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Someone is selling me some fans that came with a H10I RGB platinum





Fan Dimensions: 120mm x 25mm

Fan Speed: 2400 RPM


Fan Airflow: 75 CFM

Noise Level: 37 dBA

Fan Static Pressure: 4.2 mm-H2O



I would definitely need more of those fans one day and I was wondering if there is any way to find some separately? Impossible to find..



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"Silence" is more a function of the speed that you set it to.

That said, at a given speed, the MLs are the quietest. But none of the Corsair RGB fans are that loud (unless you crank up the speed but that's true of any fan).




ok :)


Are ML120 1600RPM fine for intake ?



Here's what I plan to do.


Use 3xML120 2400RPM RGB on AIO

1xML120 2400RPM RGB on exhaust on the back.


Keep my 2x200 Cooler master on the front for the moment and change it to ML 120 1600RPM later?


So, i'll have all ML fans


3 plugued on the AIO pump

4 on the commander.

For RGB i will need the commander and two hubs then that's right?



I'm just afraid of the cooling capacities of the intake :


Intake : 200mm cooler master

Fan Speed : 800 RPM ± 150

Fan Airflow : 90.3 CFM ± 10%

Fan Air Pressure: 0.88 mmH2O

Fan Noise Level :28 dBA




ML120 pro RGB x 3

Speed 400 - 1600 RPM

Sound Level : 25 dBA

Static Pressure : 1.78 mm-H2O

Fan Airflow : 47.3 CFM






180CFM for the 2x200 > 141 CFM for the 3xML 120


Will that change a lot fore the airflow?

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