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Fan configuration, commander and node


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I plan of changing some things on my rig.


I have a H500M case with 2x200 fans on the front


I will get 3xML120Pro RGB for my H150i AIO

I have on the back a ML140Pro with a phanteks halo.

I plan to take a commander pro and a node



I wanted to know


1. If i can control any fans with a commander and if with the node, ICUE will be able to control the rgb of NON corsair fans (the two on the front)

2. Would I be able to plug the phanteks alo on the node too?

3. Also was considering changing my 2x200 on the front with 3x120, will that gave me a better airflow?



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1) IF the non-Corsair fans are Aura Addressable compatible, there are 3rd party adapters available to allow you to control them with a LNP.

2) I think you mean the Phanteks Halo. Yes, there is a JST-SM adapter (again, 3rd part) that is available.

3) Possibly ... hard to say definitively.


For both of the adapter options, there are limits to the number of LEDs that you can power from a single Lighting Node Pro due to current limitations. Additionally, you won't be able to control them natively in iCUE - you'd have to configure them based on the number of LEDs on the devices.

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Well I guess I will get rid of the 2x200 Fans on the front and stay with only corsair ones.


What is this adapter? Could you link me what i'll need to use it all with the commander and node please

What kind of LNP?


is it one of those? :






i will have :


3ML fans RGB

3ML non RGB with Halos

One Corsair ML 140 with Halo

1 argb led strip


also my Halos are the non digital one so RGB not Argb


Maybe I could just control de RGB or corsair fans with ICUE and the rest will stay plugued on the mobo header and be controled with Aura but i'd like to have it all on one software.


Also on the node, can i mix rgb and argb?


I also have a 1 to 3 argb splitter


Would that be ok somehow?.




For the fans, here's the comparison


200mm :

Fan Airflow : 90.3 CFM ± 10%

Fan Air Pressure : 0.88 mmH2O


ML 120

Fan Airflow 75 CFM

Static Pressure : 0.2 - 4.2 mmH2



I was told to keep the 2x200 for best airflow and silence but what do you think?





I'm thinking of :


Getting rid of ALL Phanteks Halos


Replacing the ML120 non RGB by ML120RGB 2400RPM (coming from an H100i) on the AIO

Keeping the 2x200


My issues are :


the rear 140 exhaust. I have a ml140 2000 RPM but the RGB ones are only 1200


Will I get bad results if I replaced my 140 by a 120RGB ?


ML140 / 2000 RPM

Static Pressure : 0.2 - 3.0 mmH20

Fan Airflow / 97 CFM


ML120 2400

Static Pressure

0.2 - 4.2 mmH20

Fan Airflow 75 CFM


I'd like to be able to control the 2x200 of Cooler master with Corsair Icue

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The analog Halos would require a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) to be controlled from a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. There is one (the ArrRGB DAC). As with the adapters, you can get that here: https://www.ebay.com/str/piratedogtech.


The Node Pro, on its own, only supports addressable RGB. Voltages and control protocols are completely different - for 12V analog and 5V addressable RGB. Hence the need for a DAC to do the conversion, rather than an adapter.


The connectors pictured are JST-SM connectors. There are adapters for the 3 pin digital. The 4 pin analog would take a bit more work to get them working - the DAC + another adapter, which may come with Halos.


I believe that the CoolerMasters come with support for Aura Addressable RGB Sync. If so, you can use an adapter for that, as I previously mentioned.


As for airflow vs quiet - there are so many variables at play with this that I can't give you single answer except "it depends".

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I will probably just replace the ML with the rgb one


For the CM fans yes they are adressable but I don't really get which adapter I would need.



For the rear exhaust, what would you think is the best option to try


1200RpM - 140 mm vs 2400 rpm 120mm ?

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From what I can tell from the documentation, you'd use the Corsair to Aura adapter and connect that to the built-in RGB controller hub.

oh with that i can control all the rest? too bad can't find it over here for what i see, i'm in france too bad. Well i could just leave the front fan to be with the cooler master software, not that bad (it's not even sync to aura but with another soft)


I will still be able control the speed without issue with commander right?


What I want is having a silent profile and a gaming one and with one key having all my fans, chassis and AIO, switch to one to another. For the RGB well if i can control 4 fans with ICUE and 2 with another soft, i can live with that :)




Still don't know what i'm gonna do with the rear exhaust thought :(

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Yes, the Commander Pro will control the fan speeds. That's standard across the industry, unlike the RGB connectors.


And the built-in RGB controller only has connections for the Aura style connectors. You won't be able to control the Corsair fans from that.

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I'll probably get rid of all Halos it'll be easier.


i'm thinking actually of doing that :


Replacing the 2x200 on the front by 3x120ML RGB

keeping the 3x120 Non rgb on top exhaust

Replacing ML140non rgb by high speed 120rgbn on the back.




On the commander pro, can i use splitters to control 3 fans on same channel?

same question for the node, what kind of splitter would I need to control 3 fans RGB?



I have this one, would that work? Worst case scenario i'll have 7 rgb fans so I don't want to buy an extra node for just one fan






What would be the easier setting to power 7 RGB fans and one led strip ?

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DO NOT put 3 way splitters on the Commander Pro. Limit yourself to 2-way splitters. We've seen multiple failures from this.


That cable won't work with Corsair fans. Corsair uses Molex SL series connectors and their fans have 4 pins (1 is a return data channel to daisy chain the fan LEDs), not 3. There are 3rd party 2-way RGB splitters for the fans, however.

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OK so


I plug the fans on AIO and.RGB on nodes-2400 rpm rgb


For the case :


1x120 on the back (2400rpm)


For the front I still dont know if I shou'd keep my 2x200, try to find other 120 rgb 2400 which seems complicated or go with hd120 rgb 1700rpm


What do you think ?


Also can I plug différent fans on the commander for rpm control ? I know that I would need as. Many Hub as there are type of rgb fans but for the speed control how does it work ?


If I can control different fans rpm I guess I will just go with the ml on the aio and exhaust and keep the 2x200 on the front. Might be easier and more silent then 3x120 right ? But they are 4 pin will it be ok ?

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Personally ... my fans are all Corsair, all the time. Since even before the RGBz. So I'd replace the 200mm with the Corsair fans. But that's me. It's really up to you and, as I mentioned, with an adapter, you could control the RGB from iCUE.


For RPM control, most fans work just fine. There are a couple that have some issues due to specific implementation details but I don't see you mentioned any of those. And the AIO fans should be plugged into the AIO's fan controller. See the Liquid Cooling FAQ for details.

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And for airflow and cooling will 3x120 ml 2400 will be good for intake ? Or can I go with lower rpm and keep those for the aio fans ? What would be the best corsair choice for intake ? Also can I mix same fans models at different rpm on a lightning node ? Like ml120 2400 and 1200 ?


For the adapter for rgb I dont know which one I should order on the page you linked though there are so many >< it would be to control 200mm argb fan cooler master

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