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Mouse Tracking Conflict


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Hi, is there any known conflicts with iCUE if a different program is tracking the location of the mouse?


I'm using Bome's MIDI Translator Pro to set up a DAW control surface, and I'm trying to do mouse movements, but I want it to track the mouse and return it to the position after the MIDI event is done. So that the mouse doesn't jump. I have to buy another program, 'MIDI Buddy' to do this, but the developer said there was a conflict with Logitech gaming mice. So I don't know about iCUE.


Also, can I somehow link up this 'MIDI Buddy' with iCUE to track the mouse for iCUE keyboard macros as well? Or can you guys create a 'return mouse position' macro event?


I'm running iCUE 3.19.120, K95 RB Platinum keyboard, R65 RGB Elite mouse, Windows 10 Home, Desktop PC.

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