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NEW out of the box i160 wont start


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got our new i160 the other day,

it run for few hours but than decided to turn off and wont come back on since, i looked inside all seem to be in place nothing has shifted during shipping, tried using cmos reset but it does nothing but turn off,

i get a black screen with no option to even get to bios,

it instantly turns off after 3 seconds,


this looks like a dead motherboard, i pulled both ram sticks out,

there was no sound from the board when powered back on :(


any suggestions before its heading back to amazon?



Corsair Exec's... note this is probably the last time i buy anything of that significance from amazon, this is the second unit in a row this past month alone they sent defective i had to send back now another one with each costing in the upwards of 4k, i'm out 8k and no working PC in sight,


since i dont have a money tree in my back yard i have to now wait a month just to be able to do get some work done thanks to amazon.






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whoever deleted my bumped posts if you think it ends there by you simply deleting facts think again! we spend 4 grand on these you wont hide this from customers just because you don't like how it shines the light on you! the whole point is to put pressure on you and the people behind the product to better themselves or we will take our business elsewhere, it looks like the priority is to hide the truth instead of fixing it!


i'm not a kid getting a gift for Christmas i'm the person working hard to earn that money, GOT IT!

these will be bumped again and this time i wont stop after the first 4 but ill bump every single one of them!

delete my posts one more time and ill return both units!



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I was going to disclose this in private to Dustin but since you pissed me off ill whoever deleted my bumped posts ill let you have it right here in public,


Your systems image is corrupted and is the root of all evil when it comes to the new line overheating and such,

Before the unit died and I’ve emailed Dusting about this as it happened, the system was running way too HOT at idle!

Too hot for my taste when the system is plain vanilla it should not idle at 47-50 and I really could care less about your “opinion” on the matter,

You have yours I have my 30 year experience to back me up on this,

what do you have to counter?


Note this is only at the OS level at this point,

as I configured my profile I made backups of the system,

When I finished I hoped that by removing all bloatware and turning off services it will subside,

But it didn’t and stays just as it was always at close to 5Ghz,

I went to power management and set it to power saver,

at that point it should have calmed down but it didn’t,


Run sfc, DSIM and every possible repair procedure to no avail they all came back with corruption cannot be repaired,

Thinking it was my own doing I went back to each of the 4 snapshots I had in place all the way to the first OEM I’ve taken before the system was even on for the first time, and guess what… you guessed it right!

Your source system image is corrupted hands down confirmed! And triple confirmed! i run the same command on a clean none activated clean oem image the system came in with!


Now the reason I didn’t want my system to rev at 5Ghz at all time is the same reason a new super car owner doesn’t want his car to always rev on the red line just because it can, ill reserve the right when to push it to the red line when I see fit, no system should be revving like this when idling! What’s the point?

just to waste power when the system is not even attended?


Now it makes no difference if I wanted to change that as your image is so corrupted it won’t fix the issue,

Even resetting the system completely reinstalling via internal windows repair procedure does absolutely nothing to fix the issue, select performance power plan, balanced, or power saver,

they make no difference and the system remains revving at all times,


If you think im making this up I challenge you to pull any i140/i160 you have in hand and test for yourself (prob the same for the 165 and 180),


Show me a clean run from sfc /scannow please.





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  • Corsair Employees
That's a peculiar issue. Nonetheless, I want to get these 2 units back on our end for an analysis. As for your end, we can arrange for replacement for both unit from our side. To get this started, we will need a ticket made. Once you have done so, simply PM me your ticket number. Thanks. Edited by Corsair StormShadow
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Hi Storm,

im sorry to report that our second unit have arrived with even worst symptoms,

The first one was already sent back under Amazon 30 days warranty,


Second DOA unit was also picked up by UPS already, both units are headed back without associated support ticket at this point :(

The second unit didn’t even turn on at first, few hours later on another attempt lights came on but install shut itself off,

This time I didn’t bother opening the case to inspect if parts have shifted during shipping as I was too frustrated,


The whole experience was very disappointing, we use these in a professional production environment!

not for gaming, putting our workflow down is simply unacceptable, first unit could be a fluke I get it, but twice in a row!?


I get that you are eager to find the source for this, sending a second unit in a row to Amazon triggered an internal procedure for them,

Supervisor handling the ticket on their side had to trigger this on due to high costs and frequency of returns they pulled the entire batch of Corsair ONE units,

He issued an investigation on their end; for now he concluded that this must a be bad batch as we are well aware of Corsair reputation this had to be some manufacturing malfunction,


to say the least I am comfortable managing any hardware at any layer or level of integration, I understand your point,

unfortunately it cannot be over our expenses when we as customers pay such high tickets on these unit in the first place we expect the same responsibility from Corsair in return,

the downtime we encore simply doesn’t worth wasting any more time then we have too,


calling Corsair support and going through first line of engineers to remotely diagnose an issue with a brand new unit,

waiting for the tickets cycles to complete, or even for a new unit to be shipped two or three weeks later,

is not a viable solution for a business dependent on these units,





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