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iCue Hydro X Issue


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This either goes under the Hydro X group of threads or the iCue group of threads. Please don't hate on me if I picked the wrong group, Just looking for help!


So recently I upgraded my NZXT case to the Crystal 680x Case and also my corsair GTX h100i to a corsair h100i platinum. At the time of install I had these RGB / Fan controllers on my PC. GPU Tweak, Asus Aura, Link4, iCue, Steel Series Engine. I had no issues with my GTX h100i before the swap. I put the new computer case and cooler in. Every thing showed up in iCue with the exception of the Lighting Node Pro because my mother board only has 1 USB 2.0 header. So after seeing my cooler was working and being able to see all its settings. I powered down my PC and swapped the header out for my node 2.0 header. The Lighting node pro showed and every thing seemed well. I plugged the node out to get the CPU Cooler on the 2.0 header again until my 2.0 HUB comes in. Next thing I know nothing but my Keyboard is showing. My fans seem like it's a jet engine now.


I did the following steps according to other threads that I've read before giving up and giving my problem directly.


  • I deleted ASUS Aura with CCleaner to see if it would help it didn't.
  • I unplugged the 3 pin CPU header back into the header on the mother board.
  • I unplugged the 2 SATA cables to the PSU again.
  • I unplugged the cable on the CPU Cooler to the USB header multiple times and back in.
  • I restarted iCUE Services.
  • I deleted iCUE and re downloaded it.
  • I deleted Link4 and redownloaded it.
  • I used a mini USB to connect to the pump and plugged the USB into the back of the computer to see if Windows detects it.


I checked Device manager, The only thing that was an error was the Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device. I uninstalled it and let it re install.


The pump works as it doesn't go past 70C on full load. I just can't get it in iCue at all. I changed settings for Q-Fan aswell but I just cant get any thing to work.


I have both the node and the cooler on the NZXT 2.0 hub. The cooler still doesnt get detected. I can feel the liquid running through the lines and the lights on the CPU cooler can be changed using the node. But I have 0 access to the fan speeds.


The h100i's headers is in the CPU Cooler header for the full 12v. The 2 Fan headers are connected to the radiator fans and the 2.0 header is on the NZXT hub.




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