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Posting because Zotty told me to and since he helped me out, can't deny him!


Still a WIP. First 100% custom build and first custom water loop too. I just did the tubing to get it up and going, knowing I was going to redo it once the 5700 XT GPU block came out (which should have hopefully by the end of the month!). Do plan on having the tubing be a little better looking, along with changing it out for hard stuff probably the first time I flush it out.


There are 4 LED strips in there around the side panel; left/bottom/right are all red for the reddish hue, while the top one is black and blinking white to help add to the "lightning" effect of the block and reservoir. Debating trying to get one of the LED strips on the other side of the front 360 rad and behind the reservoir to help add some back light and the other one behind the top mounted 240mm, leaving only the bottom/top in the front/side panel. Not sure though.


All the fans are static red, with lower opacity, just adding that reddish hue in the case.


CPU and reservoir are each under different profiles; one alternating black and white, while the other does white and black. Plan on doing the same with the GPU block. Kinda looks like "lightning" in a foggy red cloud. The motherboard has a little LED strip between the memory and the reservoir that's red and blinking white too, to help contribute.


Memory right now is doing it's own thing with a "Meteor" effect with red/black. Plan on swapping that out for some Corsair stuff to get it all in the same eco-system.


Also debating whether or not to keep the liquid clear or to get some red. Like the idea of clear because I can change the color scheme whenever I like and I do tend to get bored with stuff quickly. Just wish I could tell if the red liquid would actually make it look better when the white went off or not.


IMAGE: https://imgur.com/q45o2F6


I tried putting it in the post, but the image was resizing to like 3860x2160. And yes, the protective film is still on the glass on the case. Not planning on taking it off until I'm done fiddling around.

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