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How much current on the USB Vbus. pin.


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I have K70 for long years. works great, it uses 250mA current max, near zero (10mA or less) with LEDs all off. (yes, I have a meter do this is)

all good for me but...


my friend has troubles with his K55

but I could not tell him the current it needs nor is it in the published spec.


one guy said it's 900 mA (0.9amps) due to 100 LED times 10mA is near 1 amp.

this is wrong I am sure and my K70 uses multiplexed LED and low current. (fact)


but what is it?

some PCs are limited to 100mA USB ports, current.


Most good and newer PCs can do 500mA on one USB port.

any one here know that the spec is on current? worst case, back lamps set fully on, not blinking just sold full on , no dim?

thanks for any help.

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