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LED cable something is wrong


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i tried this thread today.


but, Lian Li strimer is LED correctly run.

but, AIRFLOW RGB is just white led flash and go to LED Off.

what is wrong?




If 5v RGB Splitter is in the middle, the light goes out.

just jumper cable only, airflow is correctly work.


i check and correctly connect 5v, data, ground cable.


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And continuity test? From start to finish?

There's several places where this can go wrong. The most obvious, to me, is the 3-pin connectors. They aren't reliable connections. Make sure that they are tight and wrap them with electrical tape.



yes. I tested it several times, but it was also impossible.

Clearly 5v, data, and ground are correctly connected.

I even changed the location of 5v and ground to connect few moment.(it is non-reaction of course)


only using jumper cable(like extension), working well.

I don't know why I can't do it. Lian Li Strimers work correctly same cable. so they are not defective cables.

The LL fan also works correctly.

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The devices you are asking about are not meant to be plugged into any motherboard RGB header and our devices and software are not configured to control any other manufacturers product. Using these products in this way does have the potential to damage your products and in no way is it supported or covered under any warranty.
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