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Commander Pro with non Corsair fans


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Hi folks,


I'm planning to replace some of my LL120s (3 white and 3 black) with different fans, but I'd like to still use the Commander Pro.


I was going for the Silent Wings 3 PWM but I've read they are not exactly compatible with the CoPro. Is that still the case? How about the non PWM version?


Alternatively I was considering the Noctua NF-F12 and the Noiseblocker Nb-eloop (both PWM).

Does anybody have experience hooking them up to a CoPro?

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The Commander Pro is a fully functional fan controller that works with nearly all DC or PWM fans and they do not have to be tied to the Corsair RGB system. It is also capable of running programmed curves based on the temperature probes without the software active.


Unfortunately, you have hit on one of the exceptions. The BeQuiet PWM series fans have always been a bit odd and non-linear in their PWM %, but the C-Pro seems to have greater difficultly reading it. I have a shelf full I don't use much anymore, but fortunately if you really like the fan, the DC versions work exactly as expected. Since the SW3 DC versions have a low minimum and are quiet to begin with, you don't lose anything by opting for that motor variation.


The Noctua NF-F12 works fine in every variation, with one exception. The NF-F12 Industrial 3000 rpm PWM version and the corresponding A14i 3000 PWM both are unpredictable. There is something different about that motor vs the 2000 PWM versions that work just fine. However, that isn't much of a loss and no one really needs a 3000 rpm fan. All other Chromax, Redux, standard, and 2000 RPM industrial versions will work.


Noiseblocker and all other Blacknoise models in DC or PWM work as expected. I used eloop 120s and 140s on the C-Pro for more than a year.

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Thanks for the reply!


A couple more questions:


- How's controlling the DC fans with the CoPro? For the PWM fans I can either set curve, fixed percentage or fixed RPM. I suppose with the DC fans you can set curve and fixed percentage but not RPM?


- Of those fans, what are your favourites in terms of noise/performance?

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