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H1151 Platinum not showing up in iCue


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I have an


Asus Prime Z390A motherboard

H1151 Platinum AIO

Corsair RGB Ram (32GB)

Corsair LL120 Fans (3 pack)

2 Non corsair stock fans

1 Fan Hub

Can give other details if necessary.


The AIO does not show up in iCue (or USBDevview), but the fans run and the lights are on. Can't tell if the pump is running properly.


The Ram and LL120s show up and are controllable.


This is a new PC build with very little software installed.


The AIO is not hooked up to the RGB hub that comes with the LL120 3 pac, both wires coming off the fans are hooked into the wires coming off the pump . All the non-AIO fans are connected to a single fan header (CHA2) via the fan hub.


I've tried unplugging the fan hub from both power and usb, and putting the AIO usb into the one used by the fan hub, but nothing changed (other than my non AIO fans stopped running).


Any help appreciated.

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