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Firmware for Manual Update (Support kinda unhelpful?)


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Hello. I sent a ticket to corsair support around 3 weeks ago asking for the K65 RGB LUX firmware. After waiting around 1 1/2 weeks, I got a response from corsair that had a ZIP file attached. In this ZIP file, there were 2 files;





I also got provided the default copy/paste of instructions about getting the CRP_DISABLD drive open and whatnot, except in the instructions it mentioned placing a file with ISP in it's name into the CRP_DISABLD drive. You may notice that there's no file name above with ISP in it. Nevertheless, I tried both of the files. During both times, nothing happened. After putting a reply to my ticket, I waited around another 4 days for a response. What I got what my support person asking me to try another zip file, except it was the exact same zip file that I had already tried and failed with. I still tried it, to no avail. (Could I have been missing something that wasn't mentioned in the steps like power cycling my keyboard for a minute or holding down a button as I plug it back in?) After responding and waiting another 3 days, my support person said "it seems we have exhausted the troubleshooting steps for this product, we suggest doing an RMA/replacement. Proceed?", but to me it seems that there has been no troubleshooting done at all.


One observation I have made is the fact that both of the files provided have 'app' at the end of them, which leads me to believe that these files are not the firmware files for manual updating but the firmware files used for updating with iCUE. Am I right in thinking that the support person has given me the wrong files, is there an unspoken step I missed when manually updating the firmware, or should I just move forward on the RMA/replacement?

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