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Fan header question 680x case + h100i rgb platinum


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New build - clarity on fan connections please 1) corsair 680x case with 3 rgb fans plus standard rear fan. 2) Corsair H100i rgb platinum aio cooler. 3)ASUS ROG STRIX z390-e mobo. I have the 2 AIO fans connected to pump harness. Pump tach connected to CPU_FAN. Rear fan to CHA_FAN. Asus board has small MOS fan - connected to CPU_OPT as instructed.

That leaves the 3 front rgb fans from the 608X case to connect.

Asus mobo also has 4 additional fan headers - AIO_PUMP (next to rear CHA_FAN connection) and at front edge of board CHA_FAN2, W_PUMP, and M.2_FAN. My issue is of the 4 fan headers available - 2 are 100% AIO_PUMP AND W_PUMP. So two of my front fans cam be adjustable but the 3rd will run full speed if I am not mistaken - what are my options? Will this affect the rgb synching snowball fans operate alike? Should I switch the rear fan to 100% (AIO_PUMP header) to free up the CHA_FAN 1 to use for one of the front fans (if even reachable to the back? Side note- (All 5 rgb fans attached to included node pro for rgb connections). Thanks.

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