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Fan header question 680x case + h100i rgb platinum


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New build - clarity on fan connections please 1) corsair 680x case with 3 rgb fans plus standard rear fan. 2) Corsair H100i rgb platinum aio cooler. 3)ASUS ROG STRIX z390-e mobo.

I have the 2 h100i AIO fans connected to pump harness. Pump tach connected to CPU_FAN.

Rear case fan to CHA_FAN header.

Asus board has small MOS fan - connected to CPU_OPT as instructed.

That leaves the 3 front rgb fans from the 608X case to connect.

Asus mobo also has 4 additional fan headers - AIO_PUMP (next to rear CHA_FAN connection) and at front edge of board CHA_FAN2, W_PUMP, and M.2_FAN.

My issue is of the 4 fan headers available - 2 are 100% AIO_PUMP AND W_PUMP. So two of my front fans can be adjustable but the 3rd will run full speed if I am not mistaken - what are my options? Will this affect the rgb synching all fans to operate alike? Should I switch the rear fan to 100% (AIO_PUMP header) to free up the CHA_FAN 1 to use for one of the front fans (if even reachable to the back)? Side note- (All 5 rgb fans attached to included node pro for rgb connections). Thanks.

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Both AIO and W-Pump should be able to converted back into functional headers in the Advanced BIOS -> Monitoring section. Undo the “Disabled” setting.


MOS Fan? Is this what Asus is calling their VRM fan now? I doubt you need this at all in a 680X with fans close to every surface. However, you won’t be happy with OPT and the H100i on CPU Fan. That will result in the MOS fan running full blast.


Without resorting to powered fan hubs or splitters, I will suggest the following.


1. Rear fan to CHA1 or whatever is toward the back.


2. H100i Plat to cpu fan. Two rad fan on Platinum fan controller.


3. Front LL120 x 3 connect to W_Pump with restores control. Hopefully there is another choice besides cpu temp as a control variable. LL fans are 0.30A each for .90A for the three. That is getting a bit close to the standard 1A limit on most headers. However, W_Pump usually has a much higher current limit. Check your MB manual. Probably 3A. You will need a 3 way PWM splitter for the the three fans.


“MOS” fan - I would skip until deemed necessary, but if you do either move the Platinum to AIO and put this on cpu fan or get an extension to run it to AIO. With the MOS on AIO you would take off the disabled lock in the BIOS.


None of this affects RGB function. That is separate fan cables going to the RGB Lighting Hub and LNP.

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