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3.19 Causing micro lag (System Interrupts)


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After updating my version of windows 10 to 1903 at the end of last week I jump into some games on Saturday morning after a hard weeks work only to notice some serious micro lag. I assumed something in the 1903 Windows build had broke something.


I spent the entire day and evening on Saturday trying to find the cause of the issue, testing everything from hardware to software. During this process I noticed System Interrupts in the task manager constantly using around 2%-5% of my cpu, which I did think was a little strange as I never noticed it that high before. Google searches suggested that this wouldn't be an issue unless it was 10-20% so didn't think too much of it at the time.


It wasn't untill I had completely rolled back all of the windows updates and the issue still remained that something clicked and I remembered that earlier in the week I had updated iCue to the lateset version, I just completly forgot about it due to a busy week and not having the time for any gaming meant I hadn't put my PC through its paces untill after all the Windows updates.


So I uninstalled iCue 3.19 and reinstalled the earlier version (3.18.77) and the problem immediatly went away. I checked task manager and system interrupts now idle at 0.1-0.2%. I then reinstalled the Windows 1903 updates and everything is still fine with iCue 3.18.77



i7 7700K

GTX 1080ti

ASUS PG279 2560x1440 144Hz (G-SYNC)


There is clearly an Issue with the 3.19 Build of iCUE

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