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Dark Core SE problems


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So in January, I bought a K95 Platinum and a Dark Core SE with the QI charging mouse pad. The K95 is working great. Couldn't be better. The Dark core is have some problems though.


Ever since I bought it, it has never worked in wired mode. I probably should have returned it then. (Can I still return it? All of the corsair products I've bought come with a one year warranty piece of paper. I bought it off amazon btw) If I plugged the mouse in to the computer without the wireless dongle connected, it wouldn't connect. And if it was connected wirelessly, and I plugged it in to the computer, it would stop working. This was never really a big deal. I preferred it wireless, and it charged wirelessly every night.


But now, I believe the battery is completely broken/dead. So I have to use it wired. I place the mouse on the QI charging spot, it boots up and connects to my computer wirelessly, but when I drag it off the charging spot, it shuts off instantly. And because I cant use it wired, this is my current solution; I place the mouse on the QI charging spot, and have a micro usb plugged into a wall outlet ready. While the mouse is on and connected wirelessly, receiving power from the QI charging, I carefully plug in the micro usb into the mouse, without moving the mouse off the charging spot. If done correctly, the mouse is now connected wirelessly to the computer, and the mirco usb connected directly to a wall outlet gives it power.


So my questions are: Is there any way to fix the fact that it doesn't work over a wired connection? Is there anything I can do about the (probably) dead battery? Can I still RMA it?


btw, I've tried, but I don't think u can soft reset it (hold down forward and back arrows, then turn on) because when I turn it on, it wont have power, because I would have lifted it off the charging spot to turn it on.


another btw, if I do the method I explained above to get the mouse working, if I turn it off then on, it wouldn't reconnect wirelessly to the computer when it turns back on. The mouse needs to get power wirelessly through QI charging to establish the dongle connection.

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