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Product Suggestion: New Version of Commander Pro


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With all the endless software issues iCUE has due to it being quite complex, Severely lowering performance on various systems in some cases, Incompatibilities etc... I was thinking.


How about you guys at Corsair bring out a new Commander Pro but this time put flash storage onto it so instead of iCUE needing to run all the time, Which as we've seen since its inception lowers performance, In some cases by quite a lot, Keyboard, Mouse, Fan and lighting profiles etc... can be saved to it instead ?


This way iCUE would only need to run when we want to change lighting, Macros, Fan speeds etc.. When we apply changes they get saved to the CP's onboard flash storage and then iCUE exits completely with the CP handling everything on its hardware.


If you guys brought something like this out, For me at least, It would be an instant buy.


I know you guys cannot discuss possible/future products, Just food for thought :):

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