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Combining LL120 and SP120 fans?


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So I had an older corsair case (that did not come -) with 3 LL120 Fans installed into an RGB hub into the Lighting Channel 1 of the Lightning Node Pro the fans came with. These 3 fans were working perfectly until i bought a new corsair case - The Graphite Series 220T RGB that comes with 3 SP120 fans and a Node Core.


My current situation is that I have 5 of the 6 fans powered (Not enough sys_fan slots on MB but I have fan splitter ordered and on the way to power all 6). The 3 LL120 Fans are connected to slots 1, 2 and 3 in the RGB hub which is powered via SATA and connects to the Lightning Node Pro channel 1. The Lightning Node Pro being connected to the first USB2.0 slot on MB. Of the 3 SP120 Fans that came with the case, all 3 are plugged into slots 1, 2 and 3 of the Node Core which is plugged into SATA and a second USB2.0 slot on the MB.


I thought it was unusual that I could not plug the Node Core into the second channel of the Node Pro but oh well.

Currently, windows recognises the Node Core as a USB Device and the Node Pro as a USB Device, however iCUE only detects the Node Pro (which has the 3 LL120 fans). These 3 fans are fully controllable and customisable and work as intended, as they used to in my old case. The 3 SP120 fans however, recieve LED power and display full RGB, however I cannot control the lighting and only 2 of the 3 fans are actually receiving power (as stated I have one too few sys_fan slots on my MB including the pump_fan).

I have also swapped the USB2.0 connectors and it made no difference, only picking up the Node Pro and not the Node core.


So windows recognises the Node Pro and the Node Core, yet iCUE only detects the Node Pro. I also installed Corsair LINK yand it too only recognises the Node Pro Stating that it is controlled by iCUE. Using my other RGB software for my MB (Mystic Light), I am still unable to control the RGB on the 3 front fans.


I also tried connnecting all 6 fans to the RGB hub (not the Node Core or Node Pro) and then connected that to the Node Pro and it was detected by iCUE (not the Node Core still) but because theres 3 of two different fans I could only partially control them by selecting that there were 6 fans that were HD RGB Fans - Selecting 6 LL fans only controlled the 3 LL fans I have and no other option that HD RBG fans would control the 3 SP fans.


I was wondering if my issue is somewhere in my fan setup, a software issue or I simply need to wait for my fan splitter so all 3 SP fans have power in the Node Core.


I'm fairly new to the RGB scene so setting up all these hubs and connectors I might have gone wrong somewhere. I have also attached four screenshots of what windows detects and what iCUE and LINK detect.






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