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PC wont start up after several hours from shutting down PSU problem?


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So basically as the tittle says, when I shut down my pc at night by the morning it won't turn on. sometimes after several minutes or even hours. Even using the bottom START on the motherboard does not turn on the pc, all leds are lighten up.



Once it does start up it works perfectly fine with no issues at all.



Why do I write this here? because now any led of my motherboard lights up when I turn on the switch from the back of the power supply.


Update: so after turn on and off the backwards switch of the power supply (several times) sometimes the leds on the mother ligh up and sometimes do not. also sometimes only some leds will turn on.


You think it may be the power supply the problem?.



Im using the yellow label RM 850 (pretty old but it hasnt given me any problems until now) (Having this issue for 5 days now everyday growing up in time to make it turn on)

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