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Side buttons on mouse not working if iCUE is turned off after latest firmware update


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I've got a weird problem. Right now I have a Corsair Harpoon RGP 0030, and when I opened iCUE a while back, I got a notification about there being a firmware update for it. So I updated the firmware. Now the two side buttons won't work unless I have iCUE running, and iCUE itself gobbles up system resources like it owned the place (it's not uncommon to see it take up 50% of my processor power for no apparent reason, and Corsair services will gladly eat 600mb of RAM).


I don't have any other corsair products than this mouse, there's nothing else iCUE should be interacting with.



Seems like iCUE basically claims the first core, Core 0, as its own once it's been running for a while. Not what this thread is about, it's about the side buttons, but reading the forum, I see that plenty of other people are reporting a similar issue, so something is fishy about iCUE.

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