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Some issues, please, help me.


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Hey there, my ticket support is #2000828278.


I received messagges about my order being shipped to Amsterdam and then no more notifications from DHL / Corsair, from the courier itself, it should be delivered tomorrow by the end of the day but like i said, i have no way to check that anymore, sadly.


In add, i have cleared my pc cached and cookies so:

1. Im not able to check the package;

2. Im not able anymore to log into my Corsair Account.


I tried to log into it from another device, also not connected to my network but nothing, when i try, the page of the login screen appear and after i put my data it will get stuck into an infinite loading and then it says "org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot read property "statusCode" from undefined (/var/opt/idauto/dss/tmp/temp5564669238834233161.js#2398)"


I really hope someone from Corsair Support Team or whoever is a Staff can answer to me what is happening, i never got these issues, with any other retailers.

Please, i really need help.


PS I needed to buy Corsair thigns from Amazon.. because i don't know, the account is broken and i don't have any ideas on how buy them.

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I will see what I can do to forward this information to the right people, but as of right now this weekend the people are out on a holiday weekend. I will see if we can respond about the website by tomorrow.


I hope so, i need to check my order and where it is. Thank you very much and please, get back to me soon as possible.

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