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ML120-commander pro-Gigabyte z390 mobo


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New to the forum, in need of support/advice.

I've been reading for the past couple of days but I'm not sure i 've found the correct info so far.

I have a Thermaltake view 21 case with a Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X mobo.

I would like to add 5 ML Pro Rgb 120s (3 as front intake, 1 as rear exhaust and one as top exhaust).

My mobo has only 4 headers so I thought of buying a 3 pack MLs (this should grant me the rub controller and lightning node) and 2 individual ones and also a commander pro.

However I'm already accustomed to Gigabyte's System Information Viewer (where I can see fan speed and temps) so I would like to keep using it, but not sure if SIV would be able to retrieve the info from Commander Pro (speed and temps). I would say SIV takes the info as it detects there is a specific fan hooked to a dedicated header on mobo (one of the 4).


Are there any users that have a similar GB mobo + Commander Pro combo?


Many thanks!

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