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Loving my 57x Mirror Black case


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I just finished my build today, and I just love this case. Since I used a 16x2 mem config, it is nice to have the lighting kit that matches to vengeance RGB ram.


It seems like my whole system is a corsair computer . I even have a Corsair Keyboard and mouse., RGB of course. This build was all about the bling, with no skimping on performace except for updating the cpu in a year or so.


The old PC will now be an Unbuntu API server so that will be nice for my development work.


The only issue I am still having is that I put all 6 fans (3 front, 2 H100i Cooler fans, and the rear case fan, SP 120 RBG) on the RGB controller and they are not seen by the icue software. Only the front 3 change, and then, only with the RGB buttons on the case. I am working on that. I plugged all 6 into the rgb controller on the case, gave the Corsair logo to the MOBO RGB header. So I guess it is reading time again unless someone has an idea. All other lighting is working. It is simply amazing to see the lights inside.


This is not a complaint post, I love the case and I just have to get my stuff together. It was worth every penny I paid. I am sold on Corsair from here on in.

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