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Corsair iCUE 3.19 blackscreen/bootloop Win10 x64 1903


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So I just updated iCUE from within the software to 3.19 as I figured might as well have the latest version, it removed the previous version and installed the new version and drivers and then prompted me to reboot, on reboot I get a black screen after the windows logo so i figure something went wrong so I reboot and this time I get the little windows loading circle animation but still can't get to the login screen, I left it for 5 minutes and nothing happened.


Anyway to cut a long story short I restored to a previous restore point before the iCUE update and everything works fine, I figured at that point my update must have corrupted or something went wrong during installation, so I downloaded the latest iCUE from the Corsair website and I completely uninstalled iCUE and proceeded to installed the latest version, everything installed properly including drivers so I click restart now and the same thing happens, I get a black screen and then on reboot windows gets stuck on the loading animation. So I restore again and this time I haven't updated iCUE from the previous version and everything is working fine so not sure what the problem is but the latest version of iCUE is not working right in my system with the latest windows 1903 update.


Here's my specs

4790K @ 4.7ghz

Geforce MSI 1070 Seahawk EK

Asus Maximus VII Hero

16GB BallistixTracer 2400

Samsung 840 Pro 256 RAID

CM Silent Pro 1000W PSU

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After my reboot the computer did take an unusually long time to reach windows login but it did get up and running eventually.


But now it seems I have been awarded the unnecessary high CPU usage crap that everyone else has had for months except me. I've had to stop using iCUE for now because there is no need for core 0/1 to be running at 70% full time causing 45-50 temps on my CPU. :rolleyes:


EDIT: Back to 3.18 for me now, until they fix this shizz. :(:


EDIT#2: It seems I can no longer use iCUE even if I wanted to, after uninstalling 3.19 and going back to 3.18 the software is crashing instantly every time I try to start it. :wtfeh: :mad:

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