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Will the H150i Pro work in a USB 3.1 Gen 1 connector?


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I'm using the Asus ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming ATX in my new build and I want to make sure that I'm not going to faf anything up by making a bad connection.


The board has 4 USB connectors:

  • One USB 3.1 Gen 2 for front panel connections.
  • One USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Two USB 2.0 connectors


I'm using two Commander Pro's as I've got 9 fans and a few led strips. I was planning on connecting them to the 2.0 connectors and connect the H150i to the gen 1 3.1 header.


I checked the H150i Pro manual and it just says "Using the included CORSAIR LINK USB cable, attach pump unit to a motherboard USB header" so I wanted to check first to see if anyone knew of any potential issues with connecting to a 3.1 Gen 1 connector.


Alternatively, could I daisy chain the Commander Pros by connecting the first to one of the 2.0 connectors and then connect the second Commander to one of the USB slots on the first Commander.


Still a third choice is to use a simple USB header splitter to hook two Commander Pro's to one of the 2.0 headers and the H150i Pro pump to the other 2.0 header.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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I would daisy chain the Commander Pros and cooler at the end. Each C-Pro has 2 USB headers.


So it's possible to daisy chain the Commander Pro?


If that's the case then I can just have the H150i Pro on one USB 2.0 header and the Commander Pro's on the other.



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