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Massive website problems and credit card compromised


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Some quick background: I have placed several small orders over the years for fans or small parts for cases, and each time I have had problems. Once using Paypal Corsair put my order on hold and said they did not ship to my area which is a suburb of Chicago. I had to call to fix that. I buy tons of stuff with Paypal with no issues.

For multiple orders I had to call to get status because orders took so long to ship.

I should have learned my lesson.


Now for my most recent order: 4000115608


I needed some small parts for a used 250D case I picked up cheap on craigslist.

I could not log in to the main corsair site. I reset my password and that was of no use. Getting logged in was not possible on multiple computers and I tried all 3 main browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.


I tried other things like guest checkout and at some point I got the order to go through. Order confirmation was on 8/26.

Remember how I cannot log in? This means I cannot check status and I have not received an email saying this has shipped yet.

What is the status?


If that all wasn't bad enough, now my credit card sent me this:


"We're letting you know your card may have been part of a compromise at an undisclosed merchant. This doesn't mean that fraud has or will occur on your account and as always, you are not liable for fraudulent transactions when reported promptly. However, as a precaution, we're issuing you a new card which will arrive soon."


They are ending my card and mailing me a new one with new account number.


The only "odd" place I used my credit card recently was the Corsair site. Odd means not gas or groceries at the usual places I shop.


This is a massive, massive problem and extremely upsetting.

You guys need to really get your act together ASAP.

There is something radically wrong with the website and store side of things.

Were you guys hacked?

All I really know is that you cannot be trusted. I will not be doing any business with Corsair anytime again soon and I would suggest the same to everyone.


And again, what is the status of my order?

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So ... I got some news for you.


Your notification can be any retailer that you'd shopped at - either in person or online - anytime since you had that card.


It is highly unlikely that it's due to your more recent transactions though. It typically takes months, if not longer, for retailers to notice a breach. Then months before any notification goes out. Then a week or two before the bank notifies you. It's sad and a pathetic state of affairs but that's the way things are. There aren't any real regulations on disclosures so they don't have to.


Now - I don't think that it's Corsair. Why? Well, I've shopped there several times over the past few years. And I've not gotten the same notification from my bank.

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I came home from work yesterday and a corsair package was waiting for me.

That was much faster then I expected. I'm happy with that level of service.


As for the credit card issue, you may be right, but it's hard to say.


I did have a problem with someone using my debit card number last year. It was not physically stolen from me. Someone used my card number at a gas station while I was at work. I had used the card at an ethnic type small grocery store about 4 days prior to that. I had been going there on a regular basis, but this last time they had new credit card readers. I think that is where somehow someone got my card info. It may not have been the store but maybe someone with the new card reader company. Just a guess but all other purchases were normal places and all bigger stores, etc.


Anyway, I'm still concerned about not being able to log in to the corsair site at all on multiple browsers and computers (home and work).

I'm still getting this on Chrome today: http://www.corsair.com refused to connect.

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